Icelandic Fitness

Why choose Icelandic Fitness?

At Icelandic Fitness we have different programs designed to suit any performance goal. Whether it is to run a faster 5k, complete a triathlon, be a better golfer, get in shape for your wedding, or improve general physical fitness we have a program to help meet your needs. This unique blend of Sport Science, Professional Coaching, and evidence based performance programs will help you safely, effectively, and efficiently achieve your goals.

Performance Training at Icelandic Fitness

Icelandic Fitness, is the premier training and performance center in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to empower you thru education and improve your performance.  Our systems are modeled after EXOS formerly Athletes Performance.  We believe in the 4 Pillars of:

  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Recovery


What Make Icelandic Fitness Different

  • We are mood lifters, you will feel awesome after each session
  • We are are not overcrowded, most private studios are packed with trainers, we keep our staff small and professional
  • Icelandic Fitness is designed to inspire
  • We are affordable
  • you will be healthier!

Why Icelandic Fitness?

We provide the healthiest most natural approach to your health and human performance

Our Trainers