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Jason Stone

Athletic Strength and Speed Training

The objective of Icelandic Fitness’s sports performance program is the help athletes of all ages and levels achieve their goal of excelling at their sport or sports of choice.  We will build a foundation of movement skills that will translate into becoming the best athlete possible.

Our warmup stretches and activation drills are taught to all athletes.  This routine will provide a system to get their bodies primed for performance.  After developing a foundation of proper movement we will move into more advanced skills related to an individual sport.  Icelandic Fitness uses a holistic approach looking at each athlete individually.  We will look to improve flexibility, strength, speed, performance nutrition, and coordination related to ones sport.

Performance Training Programs

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Long Distance Running
  • Triathlons
  • Track and Field

Benefits of Performance Training

  • increased mobility
  • explosive strength
  • increased speed
  • increased cardiovascular capacity
  • increased confidence
  • strong work ethic

Athletic Speed Training

  • learn proper mechanics to maximize your speed
  • become more efficient at vertical, horizontal, and breakaway speed
  • develop better coordination and balance
  • quicker reaction time
  • explosive power
  • agility
  • quickness for change of direction

Gearing up for the Golf Season

I am an avid golfer. Every chance I get I am out on the course either practicing or playing. I live in Denver, CO, too, where there are many great public courses, and warm weather at various points throughout the year. The winter months provide less playing time even for me, though, so I take advantage of the off-course time by doing cross-training to help my game.
Golf is not one of those sports people often see having cross-training opportunities. However, there are many things you can do in the gym to help your golf game. This is the beginning of a three part series on cross-training for golf. The first phase of a cross-training program involves developing strength and flexibility. For most this build-up phase will last through the end of March. If you are new to physical training you may want to begin by only using body weight movements and exercises. No matter what resistance level you begin at though, you will want to try to increase your intensity (cardio and strength work) every 4-6 weeks.


For a cross-training program I recommend training 3 times per week for approximately an hour each workout. Your goal for a better golf game should be to become a well-rounded athlete. Each workout should include some type of cardio. (I personally like the rower.) Then, you should also include resistance training. Some parts of the body often forgotten by golfers include the wrists and forearms, rotator cuffs, and core and hips. After building strength with resistance training you will want to end each workout by stretching. Important areas to include when stretching are your wrists and forearms, hips, hip flexors, IT bands, glutes, and thoracic spine. By training AND stretching all areas of your body you will become a great all-around athlete and you will be helping to prevent potential season-ending injuries.

Jason Stone

Icelandic Fitness


It is never too soon to start working out

With childhood obesity rates increasing and physical fitness classes decreasing

 in our schools, many parents are turning to fitness professionals not only for 

themselves, but also for their kids. 


The latest statistics from the American Obesity Association shows that 30 

percent of children, ages 6 to 18 are overweight, and another 15 percent are 



It’s not surprising that parents are seeking new ways to defeat this growing trend.


Recently I began training my youngest and maybe my most gifted young client.  

Little Haley is a seven year old with some serious strength and coordination. 

Check out the form.



This is Haley in 2013, she is now an All-State Soccer star.