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Power Plate® Training

Power Plate® Training

The Power Plate works by vibrating in three dimensions, or three planes: vertical, horizontal and sagittal (up and down).  The Power Plate moves very quickly (25 to 50 times per second) across very small distances (two to four millimeters), so you aren’t knocked off balance, but just enough that your muscles must accommodate.

When the Power Plate vibrates up and down, your muscle tone improves.

Left to right and front to back movements improves your balance and coordination.

So the net result is a dramatic improvement in strength and power, flexibility, balance, tone and leanness—for starters.

When you stand on the vibrating Power Plate, each muscle in your body reacts in a continuous flow of micro adjustments, expanding and contracting reflexively. Just like when your leg automatically jerks after your physician taps it with his reflex hammer, your muscles react automatically to the Power Plate’s vibrations—25 to 50 times per second.

Stimulating your muscles and nerves this way results in more work being done by your body in a shorter period of time—with FAR greater recruitment of your muscle fibers.

If you apply 30 Hertz (30 cycles per second) for 30 seconds, you are expanding and contracting your muscles a total of 900 times in just half a minute. This means you can train to athlete status with 12-25 minutes of Acceleration Training, three days a week.

Benefits of Power Plate® Training

  • Shorter training time for visible results
  • Increased core strength and muscle definition
  • Intense stimulation and increase metabolic rate
  • Increased Range of motion and flexibility quickly
  • Increased blood circulation and improved skin tone
  • decreased cortisol levels (stress hormones)
  • Increased bone density, reversing the effects of osteoporosis
  • Hormonal regulation – testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, IGF-1 and Seretonin
  • Increased balance and coordination
  • faster recovery and regeneration


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